Over £1.44 million at the UK Box Office

Participating cinema sites across Europe up 50% to 1200



‘The King of Waltz’ has done it again.  Breaking his own box office record from last year, André Rieu’s 2017 Maastricht Concert in Cinemas took more than £1.44 million at the UK and Ireland box office on the weekend to become the highest weekend opening for a music concert.


As André celebrates his 30th year of the Johann Strauss orchestra, cinema goers attended the showings held at 586 locations across the UK and Ireland across the weekend of July 22nd and 23rd, grossing a verified weekend result of £1,447,086 (source: Rentrak). For the very first time André Rieu’s Maastricht Concert was both produced and distributed by Piece Of Magic.


The concert will also screened at a further 700 cinemas across Europe including The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Poland, Israel. Across the whole of Europe, participating sites are up 50% to 1200. A second wave of screenings will be held in France, Germany, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil later this year, bringing the overall total to over 1500.


Caspar Nadaud, CEO of Piece Of Magic commented, “We are very proud that POM managed to increase both box office and amount of cinemas across Europe considerably from last year. This is a great sign that exhibitors have strong trust and belief in our marketing and bespoke campaign strategies, especially introducing local hosts for all key territories. We are looking forward continuing building the André in Cinema brand and to use our experience and know how to work with other artists and organisations in the near future”.


About Piece Of Magic


Co-founded by André Rieu, Pierre Rieu and Caspar Nadaud, Piece of Magic Entertainment launches in July 2017 with a series of concert events in conjunction with the award-winning musician André Rieu, entitled André in Cinemas. Acknowledging the popularity of Rieu’s previous Event Cinema releases and the unique ability of these broadcasted shows to engage mainstream audiences in classical music performances, André in Cinemas will broadcast across the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and also look to gain a stronger foothold in North America, Latin America and China, where acclaim for the genre continues to grow.


Piece of Magic Entertainment is a one-stop production and distribution company for artists, organizations and licensors, housing its own production studio, post-production facilities and crew. The company integrates specific, localised elements into content, such as guest presenters, fan participation and local talent involvement, in order to fully engage with local audiences. The Event Cinema strand produced and distributed by POM will aim to coexist next to an artist’s album, DVD releases and tour plans, making it an intrinsic part of their offering to audiences worldwide.


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